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Your Hearing Matters

Oticon Real is the latest in the hearing aid family that gives you back the real sounds of life. The sounds that make our days memorable. The sounds that connect us to one another – and keep our minds curious, aware, and sharp.

Be curious.
Be involved.
Stay sharp.

Without the real sounds of life, you miss out on important information. This means your brain must work harder to fill in the gaps – which can be tiring – making it harder for you to stay sharp in every moment.

Your hearing matters when it comes to being at your best.

Oticon Real™ Real sounds of life

Oticon Real features advanced technology that has learned to recognise all types of sound, their details, and how they should ideally sound – so you can experience the real sounds of life.


Oticon Companion App

Oticon ON App

We offer a no obligation hearing aid trial

Customised for your needs

No two people are the same. We all have unique interests, hobbies, and personal styles. When it comes to choosing the right hearing aids, our needs can be just as unique. Oticon Own is made to meet those needs – offering you best-in-class custom hearing aids made to fit your ear shape as well as your lifestyle – customised entirely for you.

Made to be unnoticed

Oticon Own features our most discreet hearing aids yet. In fact, our Invisible-in-the-Canal style is truly invisible in 9 out of 10 ears — making them the perfect choice if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of better hearing — without wearing a visible hearing aid.

Oticon Own comes in a range of colours and styles to match your skin tone and personal style.

Oticon Own™ Made for you

Oticon Own are custom hearing aids developed for optimal comfort, discretion, and exceptional sound experience.


BrainHearing Technology

Supports the way your brain work

Our ears capture sounds but our brain actually understands them. Oticon Own is based on our BrainHearing™ philosophy to support the way our brain makes sense of sound.

Exceptional listening experiences

Oticon Own is trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes enabling it to recognise and handle virtually all sounds with precision, so you can enjoy an exceptional listening experience.

Follow conversations better

Noisy environments often make it difficult to follow and participate in conversation. Oticon Own gives you better access to the full sound scene while creating a clear contrast between speech and background noise — so you are able to follow conversations even better.

Enjoy hands-free calls on-the-go

Now you can call your loved ones on the road, take calls when you’re out exercising, and enjoy all the possibilities of multi-tasking – without needing a ConnectClip accessory as the microphone.

BrainHearing™ Technology

Your ears collect sound, but it’s your brain that actually understands it. Good hearing helps your brain stay fit throughout your life – and helps avoid many other health problems. This means that hearing health is brain health.